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The Zing is exactly what you have been looking for! A way to help you embrace the change you know you need and want to make. Find out what author and national motivational speaker Ron Villano M.S., LMHC, ASAC, CCH learned in his walk from the depths of darkness back to loving life once again. Make this “must read” book the one you talk about for the rest of your life. Change your thoughts – Change your life!

The Zing will help you to identify the old habits, ideas and beliefs that constantly hold you back from loving life. The key to it all is to allow yourself to Embrace the Power of Change. If you have ever felt the lack of life and the lack of will-power to stay on the path of the change you know you want to make, The Zing will help you find out why!

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  • Draw inspiration from Ron's own personal story of how losing his 17-year old son, Michael, helped him to create the ideas and principles behind The Zing.

  • Short, non-repetitive fun chapters with humor and wisdom will help you begin to identify the people and situations that are holding you back.

  • Open your mind to new thoughts by understanding some of the old.

  • Face the fear of change by understanding exactly where you are in your own journey.

Ron’s proven methods will help you turn every experience into a win. It’s a book about real life situations that affect people and their decisions.

Readers will be able to easily recognize their lives within these pages. All you have to do is apply these ideas to your own life and see what happens. The evolution will be amazing. So, are you ready for change? Find out what Ron Villano learned on his walk through the depths of darkness and how those lessons brought him back to loving life once again. Make this “must-read” book the one you talk about for the rest of your life!

  • Simple & powerful self-help guide
  • Great to share with others
  • Quick & easy to identify and apply to your life
  • Straight forward, no nonsense approach
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The Garage

The Dumpster

The Battery

The Lightbulb

The Crossroads

The Tunnel

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“The Zing changed my life by showing me how I was just stuffing life in my Dumpster. Once I was free, I felt the passion for living once again.”

- Matt B., 42

“OMG! Everyone was hooking cables on my Battery! I never knew why I felt so drained until I freed my life with The Zing!”

- Mary K., 46

“I read The Zing in high school and learned how to let go of my social worries and just enjoy. It felt so good to know that the only one who matters most in school is me and my own performance.”

- Laura S., 21

“Me and my husband read your book together and learned how to work more cooperatively as a couple. We were able to create family boundaries which helped us to enjoy each other once again. Thank you Ron for making it so simple.”

- Lisa & Tom B

“I have been so lost in depression for so long and I felt the lift from the moment I read the first chapter. If Ron can work though such challenges, then I could too!”

- Amanda H., 32

“When I was stuck in worry, I stopped enjoying the things of life. Learning how to manage the moment and to reach out to the Light Bulbs in my life helped me to know that I was never alone in my walk.”

- Lorraine B., 68

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Ron Villano

Ron Villano

Renowned Therapist

Charismatic Speaker

Celebrated Author

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Ron Villano M.S., LMHC, ASAC, CCH will change your life forever by sharing his tragic and inspiring life lessons with you. You can finally let go of what is holding you back and reach out for the real, honest advice that you can trust from the master of change. Live life with The Zing today!

michaelAs a bereaved father he always speaks from the heart. As a therapist he knows just the right advice to give. As a national media celebrity he entertains and delivers the perfect life-changing message.

Go from living life to loving the life you live!

Ron Villano is a licensed mental health counselor, lecturer, coach, national celebrity, and author whose profound wisdom, expertise and charisma have touched thousands of lives worldwide. His powerful yet simple approach helps people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to create the world of their dreams and live their best life.

"Inspiring, intelligent, compassionate, funny, entertaining" …These are just some of the words used by people to describe Ron. He delivers his message with such passion, enthusiasm, impact, and humor that you will feel better right from the start! Grab onto his powerful approach and get The Zing right now!

When you have finished reading this life-changing book, amazing things will happen: Inner-drive increases, morale is raised, creativity is fueled, and challenging situations are approached with a fresh point of view. Suddenly, life will have new meaning and you will feel empowered and energized. The world will be full of possibilities and there will be no limit to what you can accomplish!

And Ron also knows no limits in many other areas.  In addition to being an author and national speaker, Ron Villano has many additional life-changing accomplishments.   Ron is the founder and owner of Family & Personal Counseling -- offering talk therapy sessions in five Long Island locations (Bohemia, East Islip, Levittown, Middle Village and St. James) and telehealth in New York State.   And, he is the owner and founder of Long Island Authors -- giving local authors the opportunity to join together in membership and gain visibility about their books and connect with local readers.

Catch The Zing today!  Go from living life to loving the life you live and Embrace the Power of Change!

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